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Unique Schools in India with Decent education system and No/Negligible fees – JAWAHAR NAVODAYA VIDYALAYAS

Are you looking for good school for your child? Yes,of course. Every parents do, because education plays a vital role in our child’s development,so good school is most important.

Unfortunately, The cost of getting a decent education in our country is skyrocketing. Millions of Indian parents are paying very large part of their income on general education. This starts right from nursery level.

Parents has to spend money on donations,fees than the price of degrees at universities and other higher study institutes. But,Parents of talented students which are not able to or dont want to spend cost for the country’s abysmal education system are getting relief by taking admission of their child in JAWAHAR NAVODAYA VIDYALAYA.

I am very proud to be alumnus of JNV. JNVs exist all over India. Tamilnadu is only state without JNV due to anti Hindi movements.Any way that is unfortunate matter of Tamilnadu . Other parts are blessed with these schools.

JNVs are run by Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti,an autonomous organisation under the ministry of HRD. Here,Parents will able to find that every trait which should be there in ideal education system.

First thing which will relief all parents are its fees structure.

Details of Fees Structure ( includes education,boarding,lodging,Uniform,textbooks,stationary  etc.)

  1. VI to VIII- No fees
  2. IX TO XII- RS. 200 per month for above BPL(below poverty line) boys,No fee for girls.

Now ,Parents will have question,what is the fees structure for primary classes???? Students get admission only from Class VI.Students has to qualify Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test (JNVST ) by CBSE to get admission in JNV of their district.

JNVST select 80 students meritwise for each JNV.Lateral entry admissions are also there sometimes to fill vacant positions in CLASS IX or XI. Reservation is there for ST and SC class only 75 %  are for rural area students, 25% for urban area. 33% for female students, 3% for differently-abled students.

JNVs are fully residential(Teaching and non-teaching Staff also) and co-educational schools affiliated to CBSE, new Delhi.

Benefits of Studying in JNVs

  1. Expert Teachers 

    Navodaya teachers are recruited through highly competitive recruitment exam. They are well experienced and have degrees in their field and passionate about their subjects.

    Unlike other schools,Teachers reside with students so they identified the capabilities and accordingly imparted knowledge and guide them for their bright future.

    I have spend my life’s seven years with these teachers. Now, I m looking for this type of teachers outside navodaya campus for my munchkin but its next to impossible. They gives family feelings and parental love in campus.

    Its love from JNV staff
  2. Great  Sports facilities 

    I dont want to explain importance of sports in life here, I will  keep this topic for future post. but all JNVS are having very good sports facilities, sports teachers and Sport related activities. Every year Schools are having  Cluster/Regional/National sports and Games Meet and Exhibition.

  3. Great Music,art,lab,cultural activities,libraries and Media facilities 

    Experts of various fields like theater,arts,literature,sciences come to train students under their unique art in education programme.  Schools has enriched library and Samsung Smart lab. Schools ensures students to learn at least three languages.

    My performance in Drama
  4. Self -reliance,Self-control And self Discipline

    Every activities like bathing,washing clothes,assignments have to do themselves, they become expert in time management,handle their money and resources. It encourages personal responsibility so, Mature quickly and learn independence.

  5. Strong Academic opportunities 

    Due to residential School students has fewer distractions and can focus better on their studies hence they ten to get strong academic opportunities.

  6. Cultural diversity

    Students make strong friendships with other students come from all diverse groups of society and School has an internal student exchange programme for IX class students between JNVs of Hindi speaking region and Non Hindi speaking region.

    Here is me.
  7. Close contact with nature 

    Most of JNVs are situated far away from city as they need a large area of land to construct infrastructure with all facilities.Students are getting natural surroundings with silent  atmosphere.

    Its my golden moments.
  8. Consciousness for social duties

    ” Come in to learn and go out to serve”   is  motto of every JNV.

    JNVs education promotes responsibility of social welfare. JNVs students and alumni from all over the world are connected with each other for social welfare.All information about their activities are on its JNV website.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

    JNVs  are Modern age’s Nalanda and Takshshila. Its tradition from era of Vedas and  Upanishads to provide education and nurture to children in ashramas with Gurus in Gurukul system0.

    Its perfect school for overall development of our children.


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If you want to know details about Entrance exam, admission process, opportunities experiences or life in JNV.Please feel free to contact me.  Thank you!

  1. Aman Sharma

    Truly it is a very nice article of a fantastic school. I am also a navodayan. My experience was also memorable. I will never forget the time that I had experienced in j.n.v . Thank you Sir for such a lovely article ?????

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