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Don’t drink fruit Juices if you have teeth.

“You should Eat fruit, don’t drink it.”

Personally, I am great denier of fruit juices. ( Being Microbiologist, fruit juices really scared me) I never prefer fruit juices to my family. I believe that fruit juices are not healthier way of eating fruits.

The main reason to give importance to whole fruits versus fruit juices are benefits of peels and pulp which are usually absent in fruit juices.

  • What is Fruit Juices???

Fruit – (Peels, Pulp) = Fruit juice.

Fruit skin and pulp are main component which fruit juice is lacking. Absence of peel and pulp in juice makes you missing out valuable nutritional elements when you don’t consume whole fruits.

  • Health benefits of fruit peels ( Fruit skins)

Stop! To prepare juice or to get delicious core of fruit we remove the skin and throw it. Stop it now. World’s healthiest fruits are having colorful edible peels which are loaded with fibers, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, pigments (photochemical) like carotenoids and flavonoids, which are highly nourishing to our body.  Fruit peels contains anti cancer, anti inflammatory and anti allergenic properties.

Many Delicious fruits like Apples, plums, raisins, chikoo, prunes, raspberry, strawberries, pears, grapes, cherries ,peaches, etc… So Save your time, throw the peeler and enjoy the whole fruits.

  • Health benefits of fruit pulp

Fruit pulp is also a great source of fibre as well as phytochemicals (flavonoids and carotenoids etc.) with other nutrients.

In the body, almost all nutrients work together and support health through their interaction.  For example, If we drink juice we will get Vitamin C but flavonoids will be removed in the juicing process. Actually Vitamin C and flavonoids interact together to neutralize hemagglutinin, thereby preventing the virus from binding and entering the cells as well as inhibiting viral replication.

To prevent loss of flavonoids is one of the important factors to eat fruits in whole form.

  • Health benefits of Fibre

Fruit juices remove all the natural fibers. Only sugar with no fibres.

Fibers have key benefits to digestive system. Presence of fibres makes sugar absorption process slow, Keeps your glycemic index low. This is the reason why juice increases the risk of diabetes, blood pressure and why a high intake of fruit juice has been linked to childhood obesity.

  • Fruit juices to lose weight is a myth

Fact is whole fruit is always a better choice.

Fruit juices are high in fruit sugar.

Fruit juices are not having fibres. Whole fruit is full of natural fibres which helps in slow absorption of sugar as well as cleanse intestine and helps to control hunger by making you   feel full.

  • Are Fruit juices unhealthy???

Besides above all reasons, fruit juices are unhealthy due to following reasons:

  1. A packed fruit juice contains very small percentage of real fruit juice.
  2. It contains added sweeteners as well as preservatives.
  3. It contains lot of empty calories.
  4. It may prepare in unhygienic way. It may causes diseases
  5. Juicing process allows Oxidation and destruction of valuable nutrients.
  • Whole Fruits are nature’s candy

Delicious!!! Gluten -free!!! Soy- free!!! Dairy-free!!! Low salt!!! Low fat!!! Paleo!!! Vegan!!! Spill free!!! No added colours !!! No added Preservatives!!! Diet food!!! Cleansing Food!!! 

What else do we need???


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