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An open letter to my lifeline,my husband on his birthday

To ,

My love ,my life ,my hubby GAURAV

Today i want to take opportunity to express my immense love for you into this open letter. I know words will not be able to define our wonderful relationship and its journey but i want to try.

Why today??? Because its your 34 th BIRTHDAY , Exactly before 34 years ,God has sent you into this world and hence you came in my life. May be i am the most favorite child of the God, that’s why he has given me the best husband in the world.

Happy birthday Dear , May you always fly high in life and touch all your dreams.

” God makes the pairs in heaven” . so glad he has paired me with you.So,First of all Thanks a lot to God for blessing me with the best husband ever. You are the greatest gift from god.I have really no wish other than have you for the rest of my life.

Marriage is really beautiful and incredible journey with life partner like you. I am glad that we got married despite of many criticisms from family and relatives.though many have supported us and i will always thankful to them. I am happy and appreciate our decision to get married at very young. so, i am able to spend more years of my life with you. Our marriage was not dream wedding but it was  really a lovely marriage.I feel very proud to be your wife and mother of our son. On this occasion i want to tell you…..

Thank you for choosing me as your wife and for being committed to me .

Thank you  for loving me being my lover and fulfilling my all crazy wishes.

Thank you for building trust to my parents that i am with best man that they could ever find.

Thank you for  paying fees for my graduation and post graduation colleges and helping and encouraging to complete my courses,that also only after one month of  C-section delivery and with  little Baby.

Thank you for caring me in all hospital and illness time.

Thank you  for listening and understanding me as a friend.

Thank you  for all the happy moments when you used to tease me for not walking properly and fall down .

Thank you for never faulting me in any matter when i m not able to do my side work.

Thank you for making all my friends and cousins to be jealous for me as i have perfect husband.

Thank you for being calm  and soothe when i have lose money invested in fraud company and when i smashed your car badly.

Thank you for not getting upset and complaining when i m tired with little one and house is messy.

Thank you for helping me to nurture our little munchkin in my way.

Thank you for supporting during my jobs and its hard times.

Thank you for believing in me and having faith in me all the time.

Thank you for being a Best PAPPA of our little monkey. 

Thank you for telling me that you love the way i look,you love what i cook,you love what i do.

Thank you for keeping my believe that we are not only husband and wife but soulmates.

Thank you for making me laugh.

Thank you for wiping my tears.

Thank you for hugging me tight.

Thank you for watching me succeed.

Thank you for seeing me fail.

Thank you for keeping me strong.

Thank you for your promise that i will have you as a friend forever.

Thank you for making my life easier ,better and happier.

I haven’t seen God but in this journey of life,You are  God to me. You are man of my dreams and perfect father of AUM and incredible human being. I and Aum ,both are lucky to have you in our life.

You are my all in all. I will always love you.

From the core of my heart,

your wife,

































  1. Gaurav Patel

    Thanks a lot for whatever you have mentioned.. I want to tell you that I can do all such due to great support of yours and my little Aum.. Keep me with you always.. I am nothing without you guys…

    Again thanks a lot…

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