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9 most effective and safe home remedies for common cold,cough and flu for infants to adults


There are no vaccines for colds and you dont prefer antibiotics to your child frequently ( cold happens frequently!)or unless its necessarily prescribed by your little one’s pediatrician.

To take antibiotics for common cold is meaningless and harmful as they work only against bacteria. they won’t kill the cold causing viruses.

Worse thing is that bacteria exposed to antibiotics become resistant and transform in to ‘Super bug’.

They just mutate themselves to survive and another worse is Antibiotics kill the infecting bacteria but also kill the friendly bacteria that reside in intestine.

To avoid Doctor’s visit and side effects of allopathy treatment or along with doctors prescribed medicines,you can do some safe,tried and tested home remedies to sooth your child. Even if you are feeling that season is changing ,classmates of your child are trapping in cold,you can start few home remedies to avoid cold and flu.

My son AUM is 5.5 years old now, after his 3rd birthday, frequency of common cold is decreased greatly(once or twice in a year, that i usually cure with all these home remedies.) so, i think why not to share it with all mothers.

here are my safe,natural,tried and tested home remedies: (All remedies are External applications)

1) Bay leaves or Tamal patra or Tej patta

Bay leaves or Tamal patra have amazing effects on common cold symptoms due to volatile,aromatic active component such as cineol, linaleol, terpineol, chavicol. These components have antiseptic,antioxidants and antiviral effects.
a) If your child has congestion,Take 2-4 bay leaves.Boil it for 10 minutes,soak a cloth in bay leaves water and place it on your child’s chest.( Be careful for hotness!!!!)

b) Simply burn bay leaves in room as these leaves have sedative,anti inflammatory,analgesic,antibacterial and anti fungal properties.(Close the windows,keep the plate away from things which can catch fire like paper,clothes,curtains etc)

2) Betel leaf or Nagarvel pan

Betel leaf is known as ‘ golden heart of nature’ due to its divine properties for mankind. Hydroxychavicol component of betel leaf have amazing medicinal properties.

a) Take two betel leaf ,crushed it and soak it in 2-3 tsp mustard oil.Apply this oil on chest of baby to get relief from congestion and cold.

b) Take betel leaf,apply mustard oil or coconut oil on it and heat it slightly on roti tawa. when slightly warm ,place the leaf on chest of baby to loosen congestion .

3) Carom seeds or Ajwain

Ajwain seeds have presence of Thymol component which act as a strong germicide.

a)  Ajwain potli- Roast 1 tablespoon of carom seeds on a tawa for a 1-2 minute until it starts to leave smell.Transfer it in a cotton or muslin cloth and make a tight pouch or potli. Apply it on chest as hot pad and then  keep it aside to pillow or  cradle of your baby where h sleeps (Smoky aroma from this potli cures cold)(be careful for hotness and choking)

b) Ajwain oil massage: Heat 1 table spoon of  mustard oil\coconut oil  with 1 tsp ajwain for few seconds.Let the drop the temperature.massage with this oil on back,chest and sole of the foot.

4) Dry ginger powder or Soonth: 

Active component of dried ginger is Shagaol which has analgesic and anti inflammatory activities

Prepare paste of dry ginger powder and apply it on forehead ,throat,back,sole and chest of the baby,it will helps to get relief from headache and congestion as it provides warmth to the body and helps to loosen phelgum as well as headache and muscle pain.( Use in less amount of powder for younger baby as it may irritate skin.)

5) Camphor or kapur:

Heat coconut oil/ mustard oil and add little powdered camphor in it. allow it to cool, Take  few drops in to your palm and apply it evenly over the chest .back and sole of your baby.( Use in less amount of powder for younger baby as it may irritate skin.)

6) Eucalyptus oil or Nilgiri tel:

you will able to get Nilgiri tel from medical stores as well as Ayurveda drugs store. Don’t Allow the baby to inhale the eucalyptus oil directly(very strong aroma can irritate inner linings).Sprinkle it in baby bedding or collar side of cloth or handkerchief and make them to inhale from there only.

7) Turmeric or Haldi :

Turmeric smoke is very effective remedy for cold.Take dried piece of turmeric,burn it on diya or candle or stove,allow to inhale the turmeric smoke for a 1-2 minute.

8) Cloves oil or laving tel :

you will able to get Clove oil from medical stores as well as Ayurveda drugs store. Sprinkle it in baby bedding or collar side of cloth or handkerchief and make them to inhale.

9) Vapour rub:

Always keep Vicks vapo rub or any other vapor rub handy.Apply it in chest,back and throat and rub on the child’s feet  and put the socks


Along with all these home remedies some important things you can do to your child to speedy recovery from cold  are
1) Lots of Rest: Rest doesn’t mean sleeping only,when he wakes up engage him in quite activities on comfortable place like bed or couch .Allow him to watch cartoons,give crayons and drawing book,his most engaging toys like building blocks,magnatiles etc.To fight with illness,body needs energy and with sufficient rest he will heal quickly.

2) Lot of Fluids: Drinking extra fluids will save your child from dehydration and helps to thins mucus of nasals.Plain warm water is great,try to give lukewarm liquids like soup,dal ka pani,frequent breast feeding( for younger children),Rice water(make it by boiling rice until it converts into slurry or drain boiled rice).

Have a happy monsoon!!!!!

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